3FERRETS is a Design Studio created in 2012
by a couple in love with Design and Communication.
Fernando Cordeiro is a Designer and has worked in the area for over 15 years with a focus on Archviz, Product Visualization and Infographics.
Juliana Bittencourt has experience in several areas and in the last years has specialized in Organizational / Administrative and Social Media processes and works as a Consultant for small companies.
The name 3FERRETS Studio was inspired by the Studio's 3rd member, Pakora, a Sable Point ferret who devoted her days to sleeping more than 15 hours and discovering the world in the remaining time. Very curious and always interested in the new, Pakora inspired that this feeling always exists at 3FERRETS.
Curiosity, interest and motivation for the new, is our core!
We work with creativity and problem solving for small and medium businesses, because being close and being able to help is what moves us!
PHONE: +351 916.672.001
MAIL: contato@3ferrets.com

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